After Felix is now out!

It’s the third and final book in the Close Proximity series. I always feel slightly bittersweet at finishing a series, but we’re going out with a bang with Max and Felix and their sweet second-chance romance.

I loved the two men in this book. Max is a world-weary man when he meets Felix in a bookshop. He’s struggling with retiring from a job he loves and passing some time with the sassy younger man seems like a good idea. Felix is one of my most favourite characters. He’s sassy and snarky but hides a vulnerability that he begins to show to Max. Slowly, the casual hook-up arrangement changes to something else –something deeper for both men. But Max is hiding a secret that is going to blow them apart and leave him yearning for a man who no longer wants to know him.

This is the first time I’ve done a second-chance romance, and I thoroughly enjoyed writing this one. I liked the aspect of two people finding their way back to each other. Felix is such a resilient character. He’s aware of his self-worth and doesn’t wallow in sadness. Instead, although he’s broken-hearted, he gets up and keeps going with a snarky remark for whoever is around. It was lovely to show him that the end isn’t always the end and that sometimes love comes circling back for you. The same goes for Max. He makes a mistake, but he works on himself in their time apart, recognising that he needs to get better, not just for Felix, but more importantly for himself. And when it comes to wooing, he’s in a class of his own.

I hope you enjoy Felix and Max. I miss them and the rest of the Close Proximity boys already.

After Felix by Lily Morton

After Felix

A jaded war correspondent and a carefree younger man. A casual hook-up that doesn’t proceed according to either of their expectations.

Available in Kindle format

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