My Darcy by Lily Morton Cover

My Darcy

Secrets and feelings become revealed on a Jane Austen tour bus as friends turn into lovers.

Freddie Evans is flamboyant, funny, and a lifelong fan of Jane Austen’s love stories which is how he ended up as a guide on a tour bus. He firmly believes in happily ever afters and would love to find his own with his best friend, Darcy.

Driving a Jane Austen tour bus isn’t the most exciting side job in the world, but to Darcy Griffiths, it represents precious time with his best friend Freddie, who’s the guide. He’s loved him since they were teenagers but has never had the nerve to tell him.

Secrets and feelings become revealed as Freddie and Darcy deal with overly amorous newlyweds and arguments over seat allocations. What will Freddie do when he finally realises his very own Mr Darcy is right under his nose?

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May 9, 2024