Excerpt for Something Wicked

Something Wicked by Lily Morton
In Something Wicked, Book3 of the Black and Blue series, Blue and Levi come up against a sadistic serial killer who is stalking York. Just when Blue needs his psychic powers the most, they desert him.

Excerpt for French Fancy

French Fancy by Lily Morton

A brilliant idea occurs to me. “And you’d better go now because the owner is here. He’s inside.” I still can’t see his face, but somehow, I know he’s amused. My impression is confirmed when he says, “Really?” with a…

Excerpt for Confetti Hearts

Confetti Hearts by Lily Morton
From bestselling author Lily Morton, comes a romantic comedy about love, matrimony, and the best of second chances. This is the first book in the Confetti Hitched series.

Excerpt for Vow Maker

I walk into the office an hour later. Alistair, my assistant, is on the phone. He looks at the flowers in my hand and puts his hand over the mouthpiece. “For me? You shouldn’t have.” I roll my eyes. “I…

Excerpt from the Sceptic

I follow as the knocks continue. Once there, he throws the door open and switches the light on. He stands slightly in front of me in a protective stance.       I repress a smile and move around him. “Empty,” I say,…

Excerpt From Short Stack

The first bit of our journey to Brighton is nice as I sit beside Charlie watching his obvious happiness at being able to drive again. I look at his gorgeous face and dart occasional sly glances at the wedding ring…

Excerpt From The Sunny Side

The Sunny Side

There’s a stirring in the atmosphere, and Dean appears in front of me. It’s a shame he can’t get a celestial choir to accompany his movements. He’s dressed in a pair of faded jeans that cling to his long legs,…

On a Midnight Clear Excerpt

On a Midnight Clear by Lily Morton Banner

I stare at the builder who is sitting opposite me. His florid face glows in the light, and even as I watch, he runs his handkerchief over his forehead, mopping up the sheen of sweat. Then he folds his arms…

Excerpt from Beautifully Unexpected

Beautifully Unexpected by Lily Morton (300x450)
From bestselling author, Lily Morton comes a romantic comedy about two footloose older men and how one summer in London brings something quite beautifully unexpected into their lives.