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On a Midnight Clear Excerpt

On a Midnight Clear by Lily Morton Banner

I stare at the builder who is sitting opposite me. His florid face glows in the light, and even as I watch, he runs his handkerchief over his forehead, mopping up the sheen of sweat. Then he folds his arms…

Excerpt from Beautifully Unexpected

Beautifully Unexpected by Lily Morton (300x450)
From bestselling author, Lily Morton comes a romantic comedy about two footloose older men and how one summer in London brings something quite beautifully unexpected into their lives.

Excerpt from Short Stack

Short Stack by Lily Morton
This is an excerpt from Short Stack, a collection of Lily Morton's short stories about the men from the Mixed Messages and Finding Home series.

Excerpt from After Felix

After Felix by Lily Morton
A jaded war correspondent and a carefree younger man. A casual hook-up that doesn't proceed according to either of their expectations.

Excerpt From 3 Dates

I sit in my car transfixed. Rain is starting to fall in a fine mist and every few seconds the wiper blades swish across and remove the moisture, revealing exactly the same sight as the one that had left me…