Excerpt for Vow Maker

I walk into the office an hour later. Alistair, my assistant, is on the phone. He looks at the flowers in my hand and puts his hand over the mouthpiece.

“For me? You shouldn’t have.”

I roll my eyes. “I didn’t.”

He laughs, and before returning to his conversation, he gestures at my office door. “Dylan’s waiting for you.”

I hasten to the door and throw it open. Dylan is lounging on the sofa, his tablet in front of him and his forehead pleated in concentration. He’s dressed in skinny black trousers and a white shirt, and as usual, his tie is loosened. He can’t bear anything stuffy, and I love the fact that I know that tiny detail about him. He looks up, and a huge smile crosses his face. It’s warm and intimate, and I only ever see it when he’s looking at me. His eyes widen when he sees the bouquet.

“What’s that?”

I raise an eyebrow. “Hmm. It looks suspiciously like a bunch of flowers.”

His lip twitches. “And you are carrying them, why?”

I shrug. “Because I was on my way back to the office, and I thought of you, and it made me smile, so I bought flowers because you like them.”

His face has a tender expression that always makes my skin heat. “Thank you. They’re beautiful. I love lilies.”

I shut the door behind me and stride over to him. “I know. Why on earth else would I have bought them?”

That makes him smile for some strange reason. 

“Good lunch?” he asks, taking the flowers and raising his face for a kiss.

I immediately oblige, loving the feel of his lips under mine. 

“Well, it was with Henry, so I’ll leave you to draw your own conclusions.”

Vow Maker

Vow Maker

From bestselling author Lily Morton comes the sequel to Rule Breaker. A romantic comedy novella full of family chaos, meddling friends, sexy bathroom encounters, and love. Always love.