Excerpt from My Darcy

I bite my lip.

“That’s never going to happen, Milly, and you know it.”

“But why not? He’s perfect for you. You’ve been best friends for years. You make him laugh, and he adores the fact that you frequently wander around Bath dressed in regency clothes which, let’s face it, isn’t to everyone’s taste.”

“I’m a tour guide.”

She blows a raspberry.

“Well, you weren’t leading a tour in the Blue Boar last week, were you? Or when I saw you in the shopping centre on Friday.”

“I just like regency dress. It’s so elegant compared to nowadays.”

“Good job, you’re a tailor then because otherwise, you’d need Mr Darcy’s money for your clothes bill alone.”

I sigh.

“I wish I could find my own Mr Darcy and not for the money. I want to find the person who’s just right for me.”

“You have,” she says patiently. “And wonder of wonders, he’s actually called Darcy.”

“He’s called Darcy Griffiths. Not Fitzwilliam Darcy.”

“And he’s perfect for you. You go together like chicken nuggets and barbeque sauce.”

“Ooh, listen to that.”


“I think I can hear Jane Austen rolling around in her grave at the sheer romance in that statement.”

My Darcy

My Darcy

Secrets and feelings become revealed on a Jane Austen tour bus as friends turn into lovers.