Excerpt from Something Borrowed

I exclaim in triumph and leap for the phone. I pick it up with shaking fingers and then moan despairingly when I see the time. “It’s ten o’clock. Oh god.”

      “Is there a problem?”

      Instead of answering, I tap a familiar number on my phone’s screen. “Come on, come on,” I mutter, pacing as I listen to it ring. “Climb off Lachlan’s dick and answer the phone.”

      “Who are you talking to, sweetheart?”

      The call connects. “What?” Joe says cautiously into my ear. I can’t begrudge him his air of worry.

      “I need a favour.”

      He groans. “Last time you said that we got fined for causing a public disturbance.”

      “No, this time it’s really bad,” I whisper. “I need you, Joe.”

      “Joe?” the man asks from behind me. “Who the fuck is Joe?”

      “Who’s that?” Joe asks.

      “No one,” I say over the insistent voice of the man who is now frowning at me—the man who appears to think we’re married.

      “It doesn’t sound like no one,” Joe says, his voice rich with amusement as my bedmate paces the room and shouts about people who cheat.

      “Well, it is,” I say in a quelling voice. “Joe, I’ve got the Hollis wedding today.”

      “Yeah, I know. You’ll be fine.”

      “That might be true if I’d gone to bed at an early hour in my own bed. Sober,” I add with emphasis.

      “Oh god,” Joe says.

      I walk back into the bedroom. “I know,” I whisper. “I woke up naked, and apparently, I’m now in some sort of a relationship I have no memory of agreeing to. I leave that sort of behaviour to you, mate.” Joe laughs. “This is serious,” I hiss. I look at my watch and groan. “The bride will arrive at the church in an hour.”

Something Borrowed

Something Borrowed

Something borrowed is a friends-to-lovers story about realising you have the perfect man when you’re on the brink of losing him.