New Look for The Summer of Us!

The Summer of Us has had a beautiful new cover designed by the wonderful Natasha Snow. She’s really captured the sleepy, sexy feel of the book that’s set in the South of France. The original cover was also designed by Natasha. It was the first time we’d worked together and we couldn’t believe how many years ago it was.

The Summer of Us was my first MM novel. It came about when the third book in my MF rock group series was released. I’d introduced the character of Matt in that book and I loved him. He was funny and sharp and didn’t take any shit. When the book came out, I was asked so many times for his story that I decided to write him a novella. I’m terrible at keeping things short so his story grew and grew, especially when I realised that his partner was going to be his arch enemy. John was a confident and assured lawyer with a knack for putting his foot in his mouth at times of high emotion. 

By the time I came to the end of their story, I knew I’d found my writing home and I’ve never looked back. John and Matt remain two of my own favourite characters so the new cover makes me very happy. 

The Summer of Us by Lily Morton

The Summer of Us

Two men who hate each other are forced to spend the summer together in the South of France. Will their feelings change over the lazy summer days?

Available in ebook and paperback formats.

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