The Mysterious and Amazing Blue Billings by Lily Morton

Black and Blue

The Black and Blue series follows cartoonist Levi Black's introduction into the mysterious and often scary world of his lover, Blue Billings.
Best Man by Lily Morton

Close Proximity

The Close Proximity series is set in London and features a group of friends who find that love is often closer to home than they think. It features a staid boss and his younger employee, a sunny librarian and a cynical banker, and a jaded war correspondent and his second chance at love with a sassy younger man.
Oz by Lilly Morton

Finding Home

The Finding Home series is set on a country estate in Cornwall. It features a sassy house manager and his aristocratic boss, a shy young man in love with his brother’s best friend, and a hell-raising actor and the nurse who’s employed to look after him.
Rule Breaker by Lily Morton

Mixed Messages

The Mixed Messages series is set in London and follows the love stories of a group of friends. It features a grumpy boss and his snarky assistant, a nanny and his actor boss, and two best friends who are secretly in love with each other.