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Short Stack Released!

Short Stack is now available! It is a collection of my short stories that follow my characters after their happy endings. It includes four brand new short stories that have never been published before.

I’ve always loved the extras on DVDs and in books. I’m the person who always has to watch that ‘Making of’ disc in the packet, and I’ve spent many happy hours/weeks immersed in the extras on the Lord of the Rings DVDs.

When I started writing, I always knew that I wanted to give my readers extra stories. I try to write one for every book. It’s my way of saying thank you to everyone who’s bought my books. In fact, the reason I wanted a website in the first place was so that I had somewhere to put these extra short stories.

Over the years, I’ve branched out, and now you can find these little stories not only here but also in my group and sometimes as an exclusive for my newsletter subscribers. It occurred to me a few months ago that a lot of readers might not have seen all of these so I decided to draw them together along with other deleted content.

Short Stack contains the short stories from both the website and my group. They follow the men of my Mixed Messages and Finding Home series through awkward marriage proposals, birthdays, a fraught babysitting job, and a very drunken Eurovision Song Contest party. I’ve also written four exclusive short stories that can only be found in this volume. These are Bad Valentine, Babysitting Billy, Marrying Jude, and House Hunting.

I hope you enjoy the collection.

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